The Chris Hernandez Family

This is our family.

We are having a great year!  Crystal graduated from Baylor University in August with a Degree in Corp. Communications.  She is using her degree and doing a great job working with Millwork Services. Joshua will be graduating this June from High School.  He is having a great Sr. year.  He was a stong tackle on the V. football team this year and I think that he played every game, plus he has Sr. release so he only spends a few hours each "B" day at school.  He has applied to attend Texas State Univ. in San Marcos in the fall.  Cailey is finishing her 8th grade year. She played volleyball and is training for track in the spring.  Chris and I are doing what we do best... watching our kids grow and excel, working hard and attending chuch. 

We feel so blessed to be a part of this great big wonderful group of people know as the "los hernandez" crew.  I know better than anyone that we are not a perfect group of people, but we are a really fun, entertaining, wierd, exciting and wonderful group of people.

This new year, my hopes for our family would be that we love more, forgive indiscretions and communicate more with each other.  This has also been a sad year with Jordan being in the hospital and nearly losing my sister, Colleen, who is still stuggling to make it...  I know that time flies, circumstances change and before we know it the good times will have faded and all that will be left are the memories. 
Live, love, laugh and grow.


Thanksgiving 2008

L to R   Josh (18), Crystal (22), Cailey (13),  Chris and Julie (we're older than dirt)

 Family Reunion....

How about that family reunion? With the Lupe and Teresa Hernandez kids, grand kids and great grandkids.  I know that Yvette and Scott have at least 2 new grand kids that we have not met yet.  I also know it will be harder for some, but lets at least talk about it.  It does not have to be in Texas.  Although, Texas offers alot of options.  Let me know if anyone is interested.